Before & After: Documenting the impact of intelligent design

What you do as a designer impacts positively on the environment in which you work, but how can your project images explain this? For example…………

A small but well used flight of steps within the city of London.  For who knows how many years this has been a cut through from the Strand to the Embankment, one of those ‘handy if you know it’ sort of places.  Walking around London is often about trying to find the quickest most direct route to take (and the one without the tourists, come on admit it).

Its not much to look at, but hey, steps are steps right?  Basic but useful.


What about now?  Not so clever, in fact it might be nice to have a few tourists round after all, might make you feel a bit safer?  A bit more likely to use this way to walk to the station?


Or you could do this.  Put the light on the steps rather than 12ft up the wall, this way not only will it light the steps (where the people are) but you can reach it to clean/fix it without the risk of breaking your neck.  Good thinking.


One image can clearly show what you have done…………


………….but a series of images can show what it is that you do.


It can show how good design can improve upon an existing situation and start to explain what the benefits of this will be. So, think about photographing your projects both before and after. Basic but useful.

(Garda integrated handrail lighting designed by and photographed for DW Windsor)

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