In Context


context: the parts of a text that surround a word or passage and contribute to or determine its full meaning.


Taken out of context things can be misinterpreted, (this is a common problem when someone is reported to have said something they now wish they hadn’t!) but it applies to photographs too, especially when showing urban space.  Seen in isolation buildings are open to misinterpretation.

In the case of Burlington Arcade there are several other similar spaces within easy walking distance, what do these look like in comparison? Which looks most appealing?


A key factor in the Burlington Arcade scheme was the removal of the pendant luminaires and highlight to the roof architecture, this results in an improvement that is made more obvious when seen in comparison with a similar image of the nearby Piccadilly Arcade.


Far from becoming lost in its surroundings, good architecture or lighting design will ensure that the building stands out and is clearly defined.  Visually it actually becomes stronger by contrast with its surroundings and this can help to show the full meaning of what you have done.


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