One Store, Three Stories

Photography has to translate the finished scheme into visual material that accurately portrays the project.  It is by these images that the majority of viewers will see the scheme, most will not enter the actual ‘space’ at all, so it is the photographs that have to convey this experience.  The lighting brief for Hedonism Wines was to create a strong and lasting impression of the store when seen from the outside, so it may come as a surprise to learn that Speirs + Major achieved this by switching their carefully integrated lighting solution off once the store was closed.  By creating a dark space they were free to use light to its full potential and bring the store to life in a way that captures the attention of passers by, both on foot and in cars alike.  The brief for the photography was to transfer this effect to the screen through images.  The lighting is ‘living’, so the images had to come to life too.


Located in an area of London where fashion, luxury and heritage come together it was vital to create a strong first impression from outside, and to carry that through to the striking interiors.


The architectural lighting element of the project is fully integrated with the interior, allowing the focus to remain on the merchandise which is clearly and atmospherically lit.  The images had to show this whilst accurately portraying the 3000K colour temperature which was used to bring out the warm hues of the brick and timber used within.


Additional details were required to show the feature chandelier in the centre of the space, this provides a focal point in the centre of the store and the staircase which links the two floors.  Made from upturned wine glasses it is arranged as a flowing contour map representative of a vineyard landscape.


Realised by Lighting Designer Jonathan Coles, the chandelier was a small project in its own right and was photographed as such.  This included a series of views and details within the darkened space which isolated the glasses from their surroundings and enhanced the lit effect.


The basement has a cellar like atmosphere with copper pendants suspended from a dark ceiling.  Whilst illustrating the lit effect it is important that the images convey the atmosphere of the store as well as being accurate in terms of quality and quantity of light.


This includes bringing certain elements to life such as these display cases.  Linked to sensors to detect approaching customers, light levels are increased to provide a clearer view of the bottles once there.  Sequential images were overlaid and animated to illustrate this concept.


Whether it is a carefully considered series of stills, abstract details, animated series, or a short video I can provide project photography that works on many levels and across many formats to ensure that your project has the widest reach it possibly can.

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