Listening to architecture

For a while I have been experimenting with sound recording as another way of documenting architecture and places.  Through a combination of starting to use video (of which sound is a key aspect) as well as listening to certain types of music/field recordings it has fast become an area of interest and one I am starting to use more and more alongside architectural photography in an attempt to convey the atmosphere of places.

Here’s what an expert has to say on the matter:

“Field recordings convey far more than basic facts.  Spectacular or not, they also transmit a powerful sense of spatiality, atmosphere and timing. These factors are key to our perception of place and movement and so add substantially to our understanding of events and issues.  They give a compelling impression of what it might actually be like to be there.  Sound is our prime sense of all-round spatiality and listening gives us a point of ear.  It enables us to judge how far we are from the events and how we might feel and react in the circumstances.”  Peter Cusak, On Listening

Images can show you what somewhere looks like, but you are removed from the action somehow, sound is more engaging so listening ‘puts you in the space’ in a way that looking does not.

I am not trying to talk myself out of a job here, after all I am a photographer, but (like video) I see this as something that can add a bit more to the way a project is presented…………anyway some sound recordings can be found here.